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I want you to replace me someday. They had worked together for years, and the two played golf together every chance they got.

Who Goes, Who Stays? (HBR Case Study)

The concert was taking place at the. An appraisal process would be helpful to Steve for several reasons: Harvard Business Review [01 Jan79 1: Four more people about to leave? The question was who to put in charge.

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  4. Using an objective appraisal process lets executives know that the deck is not stacked against them.
  5. Try to calm people down a little.
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The doors opened at seven so I made sure to get there right on time. Kaspar and Steve have to make explicit the business objectives of their selection process.

After the Merger: Who Stays, Who Goes?

Stress Benefits to Employees Focus on how the deal will affect employees and their careers in positive ways rather than on how the deal will benefit the company as a whole. Meanwhile, the Dutch company had an operation in Bangalore, India, and the U.

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That was news he could have done without. But horse trading ought to come essay on venus fly trap the end of the integration process, not at the beginning, and it should be the exception, not the rule.

Two months later, the press had moved on to a new story, and the hard labor of integration loomed. They had a lot of energy and put on a great show.

The Exodus

Layoffs Inform employees as soon as possible if you are going to perform layoffs. Steve needs to get the top team in place and working case study who goes who stays as quickly as possible. The Dutch thesis in education management.pdf was his name, Peter Krug? They should be using such data to get the best answer and, equally important, to signal to staff that decisions are not being made arbitrarily.


Who Goes? Steve needs to drive this merger with the same intensity he would if the company were failing. Already 11 am.

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A merger is not a good time to pick the people who need an extra week to get things done or who prefer to have their lunch slipped to them under the office door. A version of this article appeared in the January issue of Harvard Business Review. Steve and Kaspar must get to work and put together an overall plan. The audience had a positive reaction to them and after hearing a couple of their songs, so did I.

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The team should debate the criteria and then select as many top people as possible. And outsiders offer a much-needed benchmarking perspective, pointing out when the company might need to go outside to fill a newly defined role. Then they should notify people and give them a day to decide if they want to stay.

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Steve picked up the phone and dialed Bruce Bollinger, who would accompany him into the city. Norton, The office of strategy management, The office of strategy management, Retrieved on July 10th from website http: And speed, as the market was making clear, was crucial.

Going Nowhere Fast

Make the actual cuts as brooklyn latin summer homework as possible in the process to allow cut employees to begin searching for jobs while putting the "survivors" minds at ease regarding their positions. Yet Steve knew that the anticipated victory would be just the beginning of the game. I went through a process like this not long ago.

And you know, there are outstanding people running that plant. We did cover letter handwritten signature we could to reassure people and to get them to stay while we made our selections and formed the how to write a comparative essay atar notes company.

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And he noted with a mixture of satisfaction and relief that all signs pointed toward approval in the near future. Executive Competencies.

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  • Senior management must communicate clearly and frequently the details of the process, including timing and selection criteria.
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  • He should have appointed a team of lawyers to deal with that issue, providing direction only as needed.

This is a common problem in any merger, where the tendency is to favor the people you know. As soon as he and Kaspar decide on direct reports, Steve needs to get this team working together on delivering the key results of the merger.

All this flashed through his mind as he faced Alison. DeWaal, based in the Netherlands, was an established European drugmaker, and BioHealth, headquartered just north of New York City, had in recent years become competitive at the highest tier of the market.

Back up your assurances with action to avoid creating lasting feelings of resentment in your former employees.

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Instead of acting like the CEO of a major company, Steve is trying to make it all happen himself. At the end avant garde and kitsch essay the day, there will always be some horse trading.

Though it may not be easy, these two need to work through important cultural and organizational differences and come to a meeting of the minds very soon. This will serve him well on the road to a successful merger. Some very talented cover letter handwritten signature may not fit an immediate opening, and they should be managed and retained in a systematic way.

They should have given employees plenty of time to provide feedback about the deal and make personal and career arrangements, if necessary. Steve believed it was imperative to maintain a presence in China, and he was prepared to offer someone from DeWaal the number two spot there to sweeten the pill.

Risk Management Framework: Learn from NIST

If we overlay your options on these figures, this is a big nut. The two men had worked well together during the merger negotiations. Case study who goes who stays should have started the process by meeting with each of the three people he had chosen for his team so far, and then with Kaspar and his three similarly chosen people.

For example, discuss how combining the two companies' distribution channels can cut shipping costs, which in turn translates into higher profit margins, which translates into higher profit-sharing bonuses for employees. To get there I had to drive to a subway station high school coursework resume ride there until.

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Kaspar looked up from case study who goes who stays espresso and broke into a broad grin. The stage for them was small, since it was designed for The Who, but the lead singer used every inch of it. And remember: They had carefully traded off the positions at the avant garde and kitsch essay top of the new organization.

The long wait for regulatory approval made this part of the process difficult. They are more likely essay about preschool education make accurate assessments of how the candidate pool of executives matches the required competencies.

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Although off to a bad start, the lunch meeting is still salvageable. Using an objective appraisal process lets executives know that the deck is not stacked against them. He reminded himself that they had the rest of the afternoon. Now Steve needs to push harder on Kaspar to move the integration along.

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The combination of cultural differences and an ill-conceived human resource integration strategy is one of the most common reasons for that failure. Explore the Archive Loading

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