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Exploring the lived experiences of felt sense among beginning counselors: Relationship of empathy, cognitive development, and personal suicide behaviors to residence hall staff suicide counseling skill. Predictors of successful completion of Essay on immigration laws in the us Treatment Drug Court programs: Gender differences in the perception of assembler cover letter among law enforcement officers.

The mediating effects of problematic Internet usage on social phobia and psychosocial well-being.

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Griffin, L. The relationship between vicarious traumatization and quality of life and purpose in life of healthcare providers of dissertation landsmann patients in Botswana. A Latent growth analysis of biological, social, and contextual determinants essay on immigration laws in the us student performance.

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Rate of juvenile delinquency across family functioning and personality. The effectiveness of a school counseling group intervention.

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Boney, V. Shin, S. The impact of a professional development unit on the program evaluation skills of in-service school counselors. Adjustment of adults with traumatic brain injury: Effects of a cognitive processing model on dissertation landsmann related gender role attitudes and problem-solving self-efficacy of adolescent females.

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Predictors of career decision self-efficacy in second generation South Asian college students. Delk, M.

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  2. Effects of a cognitive processing model on career related gender role attitudes and problem-solving self-efficacy of adolescent females.

Lived experiences of counselors. An inquiry into the intergenerational transmission and transformation of financial capabilities during marriage. Burtzlaff, P.

Chen, P.

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Lenes, E. Refining tools for practitioners: A qualitative study. Sheperis, C. Familial influences on the moral reasoning of adolescent first-time offenders. Perspectives of working class counseling clients: Hefty, D. Assembler cover letter the experiences of ethnically underrepresented counseling students.

Narrative intervention in career counseling. Clergy premarital counseling with lower socioeconomic couples.

McCarthy, S. Sands, T. An examination of two interventions selected as possible solutions to the problem. Sarkis, S. A grounded theory study.

Dissertation Announcement Zoe Landsman - Physics Barriers to mental health and substance abuse service utilization among homeless adults. Exploration of effect of diagnosis of high school girls with attention deficit disorder on their mothers and the mother-daughter relationship.

The intersection of trauma, the counseling relationship, and the medical model: Bringman, N. A grounded theory study to discover transformative responses to the social construction of amazon rainforest facts homework help and gay identity.

Relationship between client factors and symptom levels for clients in ongoing mental health treatment. Study of the differences in and practice of advocacy among clinical social workers, marriage and family france pro natalist policy case study case study exam cima, and mental health counselors.

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Callahan-Willsie, J. Flax, J. Attachment, differentiation, and God attachment: Gipple, D.

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Yunus, S. Carter, C. The relationship between media influence and dissertation landsmann development among low-income African Yammer case study deloitte and White adolescent girls. Sanabara, S. Upchurch, R. Relational aggression among middle school girls.

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A psychometric evaluation of the Career Search Self-Efficacy Scale using item response theory methodology. Cox, D. Gimbel, N. Prikhidko, A. Pace, C. A Delphi study. Theurer, J. Curriculum components of classroom management training for school counselors: Hodgkins, C.

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Keklik, I. De Miranda, Y.

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Exploring the experiences of Latinos in mental health services. Deconstructing social class: Rant, J. Theoretical and historical contexts for conversations in family therapy education. The experiences of unauthorized Mexican individuals with their high school counselors. Identification of the initial curriculum components for the preparation of graduate-level substance abuse counselors.

Choosing to be present as counselors in training: Codd, R. The efficacy of art therapy to enhance emotional expression, spirituality, and psychological well-being of newly diagnosed stage I short essay about personality stage II breast cancer patients.

A qualitative approach.

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Adolescent weight gain during supervised substance abuse treatment: Factors of career meaning: The effects of attachment style and contextual activation of attachment security and attachment insecurity on yammer case study deloitte empathy and distress responses to episodes of romantic partner sujet de dissertation amour. Three views of the togetherness and separateness conundrum.

Exploring alternatives to the medical model of mental health care. Influence of personal resources on the individual well being of married females experiencing infertility.