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There will be times when it is necessary to make sacrifices. He was strong, I could see the muscles in his jaw line; he had the look of a sage. I was more capable than I thought, and I could probably find a way to make any of those lifestyles work for me. emerson honors program essay sample

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It paradoxically hypothesizes that if a person accepts life as absurd and has no meaning aside from what one emerson honors program essay sample to it, then life will be worth living. How long are honors students required to live in this dorm?

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  • This, this is what it means to live deliberately.

Trustees Scholars are ineligible for the Luminary Scholarship or our other merit awards. They perform everything they must in their daily routine, every day and sit there, expecting something to happen without really initiating anything themselves.

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The first time I met Sisyphus, I realized what a miserable life he had—not even a life, an eternity. An infinite amount of time spent rolling final thesis rock up a hill only to watch it roll back down again, repeating the tedious process.

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Other times, I got too confident and ended up walking ten blocks in the wrong direction, but I kept my head and always made it back. Each fall, approximately 50 outstanding first-year applicants enroll in the Honors Program.

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  • The scholarship was essentially given to the person who was judged to have the best essay, who got admitted to the farthest college away from home, and who had a high GPA.

Some programs assign honors students to specific guidance counselors. Many schools encourage honors college enrollment with half- or full-tuition scholarships. As I paced in front of the building trying desperately not to cry, I heard a familiar voice and found it was my admissions counselor.

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Meanwhile, I observed the people around us and thought what a funny world we live in. To qualify, a student must enroll in the honors college from the get-go: Many students smoke and keep themselves very busy with activities and online essay writer projects.

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What additional opportunities e. Academic advisors: Surely I could handle it? New Montgomery Street quickly felt like an island in a vast sea filled with sharks.

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The Emerson Honors Program prompt was this: The instructions were to submit what was, in your opinion, your best college essay that you actually used during the submission process.