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I will continue working on it tonight and hopefully hand in a complete dissertation to my tutor tomorrow.

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However the main sources of information include websites that are epq essay structure edexcel reliable in terms of the validity of their information; for example Wikipedia as anyone can change the information on Wikipedia.

However, the novel is retrospective published in and maybe misleading as mini business plan tagalog written form her point of view. I need to go back and write down the names of the authors etc.

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I took my tutor and friend over my presentation slides and obtained some feedback from them. We will meet a week before to give business plan for agriculture chance for me and my friend to practice our presentations one last time before the real thing!

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Today I played around with the formatting of my dissertation, I added a title page, a contents and some page numbers and headers. Hopefully in the real thing I can deliver in 10 minutes too! I will formulate an email or letter in the next few weeks and send it off!

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Chapter 3 of this book; Transforming Society: The website http: The comparing of bariatric surgery with other non-surgical alternatives to weight loss. In contrast to the novel, the information provided by http: My research will be in the following areas: Complete our workshop feedback form.

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Hopefully I can focus much more on epq essay structure edexcel EPQ once this exam is over. We have organised a regular weekly meeting time, which will be on Mondays.

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On the other hand the peasants suffered from low economic status, no political power and bad future prospects until the communists, when their future prospects started to get better. S foreign Policy and produce official documentation of U.

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Although the website provided detailed information on the civil war with many statistics, there was little writing on communism as an ideology and why it began. He has suggested that I attempt to have completed the first draft of my essay by the end of the holidays, and email it to him the Sunday before our meeting so that he can feedback on it then.

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As a research-intensive university, The University of Manchester is very supportive of the skills the Extended Project encourages learners to develop. I am going epq essay structure edexcel book a meeting 5 stages of creative problem solving Brenda my tutor and find out more about what makes a good title and also see extended essay biology mark scheme she has any other topic ideas for me to consider.

Some interesting ethical arguments were raised.

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All resources are free of charge. Firstly, the novel describes periods of chaos where warlords are always battling each other to gain more land, the invasion of Japanese of Manchuria and how people lived in fear and poverty caused by warlords.

This helps me answer the first question of why communism emerged in China as I believe the revolution plays a key role.

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It was really fascinating as patients were interviewed, as well as an NHS bariatric surgeon. General types of bariatric surgery e. Instead I aim to have some sort of draft together for the end of September.

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