Essay on an ideal teacher for class 5 Essay on My Ideal Teacher

Essay on an ideal teacher for class 5. My Ideal Teacher Essay for std or Class 4

  1. Students want to be in the class by choice and not by force.
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  3. Students these days have so much problems going on with their personal life, and there school work.
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  5. She has all the virtues and merits of an ideal student in her.
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He knows his subject well and can make it so interesting that children do not get bored. He is an ideal student. He gives us home task daily and checks the same regularly.


She takes light exercise daily. He is our true philosopher and sincere guide in all walks of life. He is our example in punctuality and performance of our various duties of life at home and in the school.

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Hard work is the breath of his life. An ideal teacher really needs to motivate their students to work hard in class. He has cultivated decent habits. Image Source: He always keep the mirror of his life clean and neat.

He does not leave his work for tomorrow as he knows very well the maxim.

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She has a medium-sized body. I steer the ship of my thesis proposal template mit by his examples and his advice. She does not teach above their head. He is honest, disciplined, simple and humble. Thesis proposal template mit teaches very well in the class itself.

The world is a big family and every person is its member.

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May she live long! He hates sin but not the sinner.

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The aim of his life is morality. He has influenced me the most and he is the lighthouse of my life. When… My: She prepares the students for different functions and extra-curricular activities.

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She also respects and obeys her parents and elders. He never loses his temper with them. She teaches the pupils the value of discipline, hard work, high character, good manners, cleanliness, truthfulness, honestly, bravery and other such virtues.

In kindergarten, my essay on an ideal teacher for class 5 always made me feel so welcomed into a huge school when I was just at the age of 5-years old.

  • He is the most popular student in my college.
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He is always well dressed and looks smart. My "ideal university" is one which only accepts those students whom are… The Ideal Education Of My Mind Words 4 Pages The ideal education in my mind is to help an individual to have complete ego, personality and aspiration.

She always stands first not only in the aggregate but in most of the subjects.

My Ideal Classroom

We curriculum vitae model abilitati really proud of our Essay on an ideal teacher for class 5 Teacher. In order for students to reach their dreams in life they need to have confidence. The reason being is the students can't stay on the same level all the time. A university which is dedicated to making sure every student understands and learns at his or her own pace is one which is most effective.

An ideal teacher is kind and forgiving. She is very hardworking and has a definite plan for studies. He quickens the minds and sharpens the soul of the young students who seek his advice and counsel.

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He is like a friend in whom the students can confide easily without the fear of being ridiculed thesis proposal template mit criticized. Again, there are resources online to help you work this through - elmikhttp: She believes in peace, love, honesty, non-violence, cleanliness, austerity and other such virtues.

She speaks English very fluently. He is an all- rounder. There are many types of students in my college. Her accent the white tiger thesis perfect. He is humble, polite, neat and clean. Students admire him. I receive joy by serving others.

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A bad teacher is someone who… My: In first grade thesis proposal template mit teacher was just over all amazing and was like my school mom who I could go to for anything and everything even when I got older. He is a man of simple living and high thinking.

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She has a dominating but lovable personality. She is not weak even in a single subject.

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It's very important for teachers to be very patient towards their students, and give them time to think and relax. She never indulges in idle talk when the teacher is teaching. Thus he influences the course of the stream of our lives.

She does not neglect sports and other extra-curricular activities. He is gentle in his speech and wins the heart of the people by his polite manners.

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He knows that they are the only food for body. She is also highly patriotic. While interviewing two people I saw this quote portrayed in both, but in different ways.

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Mahesh has mastery over his subject. She is very attentive in the class.

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  • Every student is totally different, and each student have their own problems in every classrooms.

He thinks that all persons are equal. He is right, rosy and righteous.