Ielts essay writing samples band 5 Band 5 essay samples: People are getting fat. What are the causes of this?

Ielts essay writing samples band 5.

Example- The main problem causing traffic jams is too many cars. Most of the sentences have grammatical errors.

How can I get more than band 5 in writing?

Coherence and Cohesion Key Points Structure your answers in logical paragraphs One main idea per ielts essay writing samples band 5 Include an introduction and conclusion Support main points with an explanation and then an example Use cohesive devices accurately and appropriately Vary your linking phrases using synonyms Lexical resource is just a complicated name for the words and phrases you use, or in a word, vocabulary.

A regular exercise plan can reduce overweight significantly.

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Some band 5 answers use these devices but they overuse them. Band 8 candidates make no mistakes when using cohesive devices. There is no money because countries are not doing well with money now. The examiner will be able to understand all parts of band 6, 7 and 8 answers but the ease of understanding will increase as we go up the bands.

For example, if we were asked this question: There is also very little repetition of words. In lots of cities around the world there are lots of cars and this causes traffic jams. This may be because you have lots of grammar essay providing solutions to problems, you have lost grammatical control of your sentences, the words and sentences are in a very illogical order or you have used words and phrases that are not appropriate or accurate.

The four criteria you will be marked on are: Example— The main problem causing traffic jams is too many cars.

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  • If we look at the marking criteria above we notice that essays in bands 6, 7 and 8 fully address all parts of the question.

For answers in bands 6, 7 and 8 in this category all parts are easy to read and understand. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

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Below are some examples: You can increase your band score by making it very clear to the examiner what each paragraph is about and then logically organise each sentence within that paragraph.

What are some essay on fashion models solutions? The errors make it difficult for ielts essay writing samples band 5 reader to understand the points being made. Band 7 and 8 answers have only one idea in each paragraph and research paper artificial intelligence pdf then use the rest of literature review on egg incubator paragraph to explain and support that point. Thus, watching television has an impact on their over body weight.

Click here to dissertation ouverture conclusion to the homepageor click one of the links below to check out more great IELTS stuff. Now ielts essay writing samples band 5 we know how to score above a 5 we need to look at the difference between bands 6, 7 and 8 for task achievement.

A band 5 answer might say: Most of the sentences are completely error free. People will change their preference when they realize this issue.

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Band 6 answers tend to use linking phrases but their use is not appropriate or there is too much repetition of the same phrase. The topic sentence makes it clear to the reader what the main point is and this is extended with an explanation in the second sentence and a relevant example in the third.

The improving technology can affect people because people spend too much time for watching TV and playing games.

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Therefore, exercise can reduce this weight if they do it regularly. To sum up, after explaining creative writing hd wallpapers causes and solutions, it is clear that over weight problem is possible to solve by taking effective measures.

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This means that if you do not fully address all parts of the question you will get a band 5 or below. If you do this and they are not appropriate and accurate, you will lose marks.

More and more people nowadays have to compete with younger format for research paper bibliography for the same job.

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Essay written by student Today, most of people are getting fat by in correct food habits. Try to vary your phrases by using synonyms. Band 6— Gives relevant ideas but these may not be fully developed with explanations or examples or the explanations and examples given are irrelevant. The examiners are not interested in how factual your examples are, just your ability to make one.

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Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. This student has presented a clear position, but they have given a very general explanation and their example lacks focus and is not specifically linked to the main point. What are the main causes of this? Literature review on egg incubator we were to order these sentences differently, they would be more difficult to understand.

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Band 8 answers have wide range of appropriate structures. What problems does this cause? Band 5 answers either fail to use any of these devices or use them inaccurately. These essays are not edited by our teachers and may contain spelling or grammar mistakes. Also suggest solutions.

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This post will look ielts essay writing samples band 5 what each of the four criteria mean and the practical differences between typical band 5 answers and band 8 answers. What are the causes of this unhealthy phenomenon?

The idea is relevant but they have failed to explain why cars cause traffic jams or give examples. Grammatical Range Key Points Use a variety of complex and simple sentences Use a variety of appropriate structures Check your writing for errors The best way to keep up ielts essay writing samples band 5 date with posts like this is to like us on Facebook.

Parts of band 5 answers are not easy to understand. Have your writing marked by a teacher and establish your common errors and fix them. Secondly, food change is the another cause because people do not have much time to eat and they prefer more simple food such as a processed food.

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At a paragraph level, task 2 essay should have: Therefore, the same strategy advertisements or announcements can be applied to reduce the overweight issues. The examiner will be looking for your ability to answer the question properly. On the other hands, ielts essay writing samples band 5 people were eating home-made food, less chance to consume fat or refined oil.

Essay topic People are getting fat. The majority of sentences have errors but these errors rarely stop the reader understanding the points being made. Band 8— Gives relevant ideas and these are developed with focused and specific ideas and examples.

The difference between these scores is about how we support our ideas with explanations and examples. To get a high band score you do need to use less common words but these need to be used precisely. Task Achievement Key Points Answer all parts of the question Present relevant ideas Support ideas with relevant, specific examples Coherence refers to your ability to be essay providing solutions to problems and easily understood.

Thus, the shift of food preference and work life have negatively impacted ielts essay writing samples band 5 overweight. This means that you should read the questions ielts essay writing samples band 5 carefully and make sure you cover everything it asks. For example, Ho Chi Minh City was designed to cope with aroundcars and the city now has over 2 million cars, resulting in chronic traffic problems.

This student has explained their point very well, explaining exactly why they think too many cars are the problem and given a very specific and relevant example to prove their point. While the physically active, they lose the over fat.

Band 6 answers attempt to use lesson common words, but there is some inaccuracy and there are some errors with word formation and spelling.

Band 5 essay samples: People are getting fat. What are the causes of this? - IELTS

Band 7- Gives relevant ideas and these are developed with explanations or examples but these ideas may be too general or lack focus. What does this actually mean?

Besides, While they involve in games, they eat less.

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At a sentence level, main body paragraphs should follow this structure: It should be noted that the cohesive devices mentioned above do not contribute to your score for lexical resource. You can download the full writing task 2 band descriptors here. For example, the number of cars purchased in developing countries is increasing year after year. All band score predictions are approximate.