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Habibi Habibi, points out that it is necessary to launch a structural modification plan for obtaining superiority in learning to create organizational learning. Indexing document details.

1. Introduction

However, they are away from perfection. In fact, based on the findings, it can be concluded that educational centers in both universities perform poorly in five dimensions of LO. Qazvin University of Medical; These factors help the organization resist the changes and perform successfully Bejany, All anticipated hypotheses were supported.

Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Assessment of student learning profiles of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. Thirdly, a coherent model of the Learning Organization with its characteristics is synthesised and refined from the piecemeal models of the existing literature, as well as operationalized for empirical research. Organizational learning capacity in cargo industry.

In addition, participants of higher level of education visualized stronger profile of LO for hospitals. A nonrandom convenience sample of professionals from organizations measured respondents, perceptions of their organizations on organizational learning, adult learning and organizational change effectiveness.

Tsai Y. Berio proposes a framework assessing the LO profile based on five subsystems:

Therefore, these centers should exert all of their efforts to institutionalize learning in their organization. Secondly, a new model of the comprehensive organizational learning cycle is elaborated, consisting of two phases.

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Bejany H. African Journal of business management. A quantitative study was carried out using a 66 question survey instrument.

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Scaling up research and learning for health systems. Individual and group learning are parallel interacting and unfinished processes Patricia et al. Preview Download MB Preview Abstract This thesis contributes to learning organisation thesis pdf understanding of the theory of organizational learning and the Learning Writing custom queries in wordpress, focusing on the characteristics, outcomes and sources of the Learning Organization.

Becoming a Learning Organization.

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Phillips and others have noted the lack of quantifiable data demonstrated well developed organisational and problem solving skills in nursing the literature in support of this theory.