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That mechanical type of information-recording is important. Saving time for the small stuff Even though your argument, evidence, and organization are most important, leave plenty of time to polish your prose. Once that task is done, you can write a narrative essay about overcoming a challenge and what you learned as a result.

brainly your attention to revising. Who is my audience and how can I reach them?

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How has it changed since I began the project? Try keeping a small notebook handy where you jot down stray ideas that pop into your head. Does my project reinforce or contradict noted scholars in my field?

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What makes for a good senior thesis topic? Are there any opportunities to do research outside New York?

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Does it challenge my fundamental argument? We sit down with our research materials and plunder them for basic facts and useful quotations. How does this source answer or complicate my guiding research questions?

What is the most surprising finding of my research?

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As historians Jacques Barzun and Henry F. I have discovered that from the first there is a degree of sympathy for queerness which is often occluded by gothic tropes.

It will sample senior thesis far more difficult to find the proper citation later than to write it down now.

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This is ppt on new business plan most important part of note-taking. Talk to your professors.

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  3. The dread of drafting Why do we often dread drafting?
  4. Now, you need to refine those categories and sort your evidence.
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What is the most frustrating part of this project? Go ahead and take a stab at interpreting them.

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Some general guidelines for note-taking: See our handout for some general tips on revising. Juggling feedback from multiple readers A senior thesis may mark the first time that you have had to juggle feedback from a wide range of readers: Still others stack books, notes, and photocopies into topically-arranged piles.

Why do I care about this topic?

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However, you do not need to sample senior thesis a thesis advisor. What was the agenda behind the source? The senior seminar is designed to break the process down into manageable steps, so you should never feel overwhelmed.

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Questions for basic brainstorming at the beginning of your project: Now, you need to refine those categories and sort your evidence. How does it speak to other scholarship in the field?

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Write a narrative essay about overcoming a challenge and what you learned as a result. brainly track how the depictions of vampirism and queerness evolved over time, focusing especially on the tropes of disorientation of space and narrative structure, complex patterning of sample senior thesis between characters, and conflict between humans and vampires for control of narrative.

For more on this, see our handout on plagiarism.

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To this end ideas drawn from theorists such as Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick have been deployed in my analysis. Do I need to sign up for the thesis seminar?