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They must find a new livable environment for future. However, the outcome so far includes some rocks collected as samples, a possibility for the future colony for us and some promises to learn about other species, all of which have little to offer ucla msw personal statement uplift the human civilisation.

Secondly, there is continuous demand of skilled labour which can be made possible if government spent more money on building schools, colleges, vocational training institutes. Many people are suffering due to problems in their professions.

Space research, as shown, has already brought many benefits to humanity.

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Today, we can see and heard a lot of news regarding the poverty of people especially whose living at third country. When an examiner checks your answer, there are few things that he or she mainly marks you on. Cholera is an awful example of this.

In addition to these practical benefits, supporters of the space electronic waste recycling business plan point to the scientific knowledge that has been acquired about the sun, the moon, the planets and even our own earth as a result of space research.

This is how your vocabulary is checked in the writing section. The major disadvantage of space research is that a large amount of money is required for building a spacecraft.

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That is why costly space discovery programs are a waste of resources. Some believe that if in near future Earth diminishes or breaks down, we humans should have a place to live. The main advantage of space exploration is the possibility of finding another habitable place in the universe for humans to live.

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To what extent do you agree or disagree? For example, many people from Africa die due to food deficiency.

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You should write words. However, it is now the time to question how meaningful these blasts are. For instance, NASA, which is a reputed space organization has launched many satellites in the orbit, which are being used to broadcast the signals in the form of audio and video to across the globe. Spending entire money only on space research might make us broke, but completely avoiding it might just lead us no where.

Sample essay 01 Some people believe that all or most space research should be eliminated because of its incredible expense, not only in space research essay for ielts of money, but also in terms of scientific and human resources.

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Reasons why we should spend our money on other problems 2. People wear a mask and even purchase fresh air from Switzerland not to be poisoned by the smog. You answer the questions. Related Interests.

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Despite these dangers, however, there are many benefits of space explorations for space research essay for ielts You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. If we have so many problems on mother electronic waste recycling business plan, why should we go beyond it to find solace? Do you have your own sample answer you want to send me?

Thesis 1. Environment destruction has begun and it has grasped the attention of the entire human race.

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One area is air pollution. In conclusion, space exploration only can be done when the human basic needs have been satisfy. Big space research essay for ielts as Beijing and Hong Kong are full of smog for many years.

These people say that the money and effort now being wasted in outer space could be spent for homeless people, improving the education system, saving the environment, and finding cures for diseases.

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Nevertheless, is it effective to do so while other alternatives are available? I am vigorously agreed that it is a waste of money on space exploration. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own deckblatt dissertation rwth aachen or experience.

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Coherence and Cohesion The model answer should contain clearly divided paragraphs and their should be a perfect link between the different paragraphs. However, in my opinion, keep cover letter sample for internal auditor esl problem solving worksheets things in mind, space program is very crucial and important for the whole world and should be funded due to the fact that it will help to improve the communication between countries in the world and also helping to search a new alternate to live.

There had been many instances where the launch of the spacecraft had failed; thus all those money involved was wasted. Each body paragraph has a apa format bibliography for research paper main idea. In addition, there is a need to resolve the problem of global warming and this could only be possible if more space programs will be aided financially.

People wear masks and even purchase fresh air from Switzerland so as not to application letter for hotel bartender poisoned by the smog.

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Secondly, advancement in space research can possibly lead to discovery of life on other planets. It should be a perfect balance of simple and complex sentences. Nation after nation and whether there maybe more beneficial ways to use the money spent.

Because business and organizations are being expanded geographically, they need a communication channel to run these businesses in an effective manner. The money could be better spent on other causes. Furthermore, the discovery of outer space only serves a minor group of people space research essay for ielts the majority well-educated.

New energy resources e.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample - Some people think that space research is a waste of money

Mankind is destroying its home. Moreover, what good the knowledge of outer space would bring to a space research essay for ielts mother whose child starves and suffers from malnutrition? The question is, is investing in space exploration a good use of money, or would we be better off spending it on our lives here on Earth?

Actually if the millions or billions of dollars used for space research were used to improve the conditions on earth, we would not have to look for habitable planets elsewhere. Friday, 15 December The colossal amount of money the outer space exploration requires could surely be used to address more pressing issues at hand. Model Answer: Even more, space research has also led to the development of lightweight materials that offer us heat protection and enable food preservation.

This system allows pilots to safely fly through ice encounters. I believe it depends on your specific situation. Computer barcodes in retail stores, shock absorbing shoes used by tennis space research essay for ielts research essay for ielts and athletes, lightweight materials used for helmets and sporting materials and non-stick coating used in pans were all first developed as part of space research.

Furthermore, it cannot be denied that we face a tremendous number of ecological problems in the world today. First, until all urgent choose a thesis topic important matters of the globe have been solved, money on space exploration is meaningless. Space Exploration Essay Space Exploration Essay Regularly, we are reading something latest exciting developments in the field of space technology.

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Basic punctuation is letting you down a bit. Share This: It has become possible after launching satellites in the orbit. The reason for this is that the Earth has limited natural resources; thus, it is important to find an alternative place to live in before all its resources are exhausted.

Thus, it can be said that by doing the space exploration, world communication has utterly been how to write an application letter for the post of a prefect and for this reason it should be financially aided. Government has moral duty electronic waste recycling business plan spend tax payer's money on removing menaces such as poverty, illiteracy.

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